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What does TECHMAX - Your Office In China do?

My business partner Gerard Kaufmann first came to China in 1999 and it is at at that time that the business concept as founded.

I’ve been part of the business since 2004, and from where we initially started as a normal trading company, our business has evolved and developed over the past 20 years into a specialist procurement and supply business based in mainland China.

So basically we offer a turnkey solution, and we cover all aspects associated in buying product from China.

· So it’s research

· Product procurement

· Product development

· Quality control and quality checks

· And then obviously all the logistical requirements associated to get the product to your door.

· I would like to emphasize that our most important and most critical function is to source reliable suppliers whom we can build long term relationships with in association with our customers.

We see ourselves as a value-add, and an extension of our customers business, giving them a footprint in Mainland China. We literally are Your Office In China.

Why China?

China is an amazing place.

Its incredibly dynamic and to have lived the China experience and to have seen how things have evolved and changed since we first set foot here, is truly mind boggling.

It’s a massive country, with its own huge economy, and what people don’t always realize is that their own consumption is astronomical.

Whenever I meet a new factory I like to ask them what percentage they export vs local sales, and the most common response is that they ONLY export about 30% of their production.

China is a one stop shop. There is very little product that is NOT manufactured in China.

What type of products can I source?

Well it’s pretty much everything.

Obviously we have specialized fields of expertise and we are continuously growing our knowledge base as we expand our product ranges and supply.

But the key lies in our dynamic little infrastructure we have developed and built over the years here in China.

We are small group of people, and we each have our specialties and talents.

So to answer your question on what type of products:

If we are given the right homework, we can pretty much find whatever it is people are looking for, and set-up the supply chain.

As far as quantities are concerned this differs from supplier to supplier and obviously also very product dependent. Selling thousands of one thing and ones and twos of another.

China is also not just about heavy industry and factories. There are wholesalers and retailers too and we have used all avenues to source and supply product.

Your Team - Any dedicated fields of industry?

Our team is made-up of some handpicked specialists, but just having specialists is also not the answer, so we have a good mix of people here, and most important of all, a team that is focused on keeping the wheels of our business turning.

We believe that the more solutions we find, the more valuable we will become to the world.

Among others we have some specialized fields such as building products, the agricultural industry, and then we have department solely focused on the supply of aftermarket spares for the automotive industry, trucks, buses and earth moving equipment.

How do you get the goods to me and what are the timelines?

China suppliers are not known to carry too much stock, so in most cases there is a manufacturing lead-time associated which could be anything from a week, to a month, to two months for certain products.

Once the goods are ready and depending what product it is and how urgently its required, there are a number of options:

For small parcels / samples we make use of courier companies.

Then there is air-freight which one can consider.

And then obviously the most economical option by far would be sea-freight in containers.

I must mention that part of our value add / service offering is that we consolidate a lot of cargo in mixed containers, and in this way saving our customers a lot of money and unnecessary hassle to bring in small or less cargo loads.

Why should I make use of TechMAX as My Office In China?

My question to you would be why wouldn’t you?

We are here, involved, on the ground to make sure your business in China happens the way its intended.

I mean who wouldn’t want a friend in business looking after your interests?

Local knowledge and representation in China is key, especially on the Chinese mainland where you’ve got so many potential pitfalls.

How can I trust Your Office In China, and what are the costs involved?

I would like to think our track record spanning 20 years speaks for itself.

Understand that people trust us to do their work in China and we need to deliver on those expectations. This a word of mouth business and we are proud of that.

We also understand why people come to China. In most cases to buy direct and to save money, instead of buying from wholesalers or retailers back home.

So we understand where we fit in, and that we need to be as lean as possible in this competitive day and age.

We normally would add a small mark-up on unit prices. But its in most cases an agreed upon percentage with you the customer. Each product is different, and volumes differ so we need to be flexible, and besides, it’s a working relationship, and both parties need to be comfortable working with one another.

So understanding our value-add to your business is critical.

How do you ensure quality products?

I have mentioned the importance of quality suppliers.

If we start right and find you the right supplier I can almost certainly guarantee that you wont have quality issues.

But lets say something does go wrong, this is where the relationship with the supplier becomes critically important to find amicable solutions.

We have the legal back-stops in place here in China, but I can honestly say that we have not had more than a handful of incidents over 20 years where we had to call for help.

We have always found solutions or taken responsibility for quality issues.

How about Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is usually very busy time of the year for us, but also a fun time here in Guangzhou. The fair is on twice a year starting Mid April and then again in Mid October.

Over the three phases of the fair you can literally see the scope and variety of products manufactured in China. It is massive.

We always joke and say that if you come to the fair and don't know what you are looking for, there is a very good chance that you will leave here pretty confused.

It can become a daunting experience with a massive information and product overload.